Business Owners: Find Out How You Can Hire the Best International Talent in Our Free Sponsor Licence Guide

Hi, I'm Waleed Hassan, an Immigration Solicitor, and the director of WH Solicitors.

I've prepared an informative eBook highlighting how you can access international employees for your business from within and outside the UK. We'll look at the benefits of accessing a diverse talent pool, how a sponsor licence can help industries that struggle to find employees, and why it can be a cost-effective solution.

So, if you're seeking guidance about the sponsor licence process, keep scrolling down!

So, what is a Sponsor Licence?

It's authorisation from the Home Office that allows a business to employ workers who are not 'settled workers' or do not have immigration permission to work.

(Settled workers are those who are British or have indefinite leave to remain or, for other reasons, do not have restrictions on their stay in the UK.)

Our eBook focuses on the worker licence. This is split into categories: The worker licence allows UK employers to recruit non-UK resident skilled workers for specific eligible roles.

The key points that will be explained

in the eBook include:

  • How do you know if your business is eligible for a sponsor licence?

  • Jobs which satisfy the eligibility criteria

  • The minimum salary you must pay for a skilled worker

  • Information about Home Office compliance checks

  • The sponsor licence application process

  • Documents you will need for your sponsor licence application

  • How you should send the documents for your application

  • Application fees

  • Processing times for your application

  • Your sponsor licence responsibilities and duties as a business

  • The duties to comply with UK immigration and employment laws

  • How to maintain your sponsor licence using the Sponsorship Management System 

  • What can happen if you don't comply with your sponsor's duties

  • Self-sponsorship for entrepreneurs

Hi, it's Waleed Hassan again!

Here is a question you may have thought to yourself!

"What do I know about immigration law and the sponsor licence process?"

Well, I have over a decade of experience working in immigration law. I'm a qualified solicitor. This means I'm regulated by The Law Society and the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Generally, businesses speak to me when they want to improve their chances of being granted their sponsor licence status. They understand that if they make a mistake during the process, it could be costly for their business growth. Having a qualified immigration solicitor on hand to deal with their application gives them peace of mind.

They understand that everything that needs doing WILL be done correctly

What Will You Gain From Reading The eBook?

The great thing about our sponsor licence eBook is:


You'll gain an in-depth knowledge of the sponsor licence process. The eBook is probably the most comprehensive free-of-charge source of information on the internet!


The eBook will tell you if your jobs satisfy the eligibility criteria. It literally spells it all out for you.


You will know if the sponsor licence application is the best route for you and your business.


We'll provide you with information that will guide you and significantly increase your chances of a successful sponsor licence application.


You'll no longer feel helpless after reading the eBook. It's a one-stop-shop of information you can't find anywhere online without digging deep into your pocket.

Don't Take Our Word. Check Out Our Reviews Below.


Mr waleed is very professional ,Honest and knowledgeable person . He the best immigration solictor in the world . You can save your money , time and future if you take advise from mr Waleed . I recommend his services to all people who need immigration assistance

Mohammad Osman

Professional Service

The application process beginning till outcome was with Du diligence, clearly Explained step by step,no questions left unanswered

A M Awan

Really appreciate WH Solicitors work. All credits to Waleed Hassan...Very effective, professional and positive. A very hard working solicitor that gives you proper ideas which I’m impressed by his work. I will always recommend WH Solicitors to my friends. Thanks again!

Angela Kamara

I give Waleed Hassan 5 stars for all the work he has done for our organisation. Waleed supported our organisation to apply for the Skilled Worker Sponsorship Licences. The application was a daunting process and Waleed simplified it all the way through.

Here is my offer to business owners.

Grab yourself a copy of the eBook.

Read it twice.

You WILL gain a comprehensive understanding of the sponsor licence application process after you've read the book twice: GUARANTEED.

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Now, if you think it's still too complicated, or you simply don't have the time to read the eBook, don't worry; I can help you and your business.   I offer a paid £99 consultation call. You might say, "But Waleed, other immigration law firms offer consultation calls free of charge."

My answer would be yes, but not all immigration firms are created alike. Some immigration firms do offer an initial free service, but those are usually sales calls. At the end of your "free call," you may still not know how to apply for a sponsor licence. The firm wants you to pay money before you can go any further to see if they can help you.

With my strategy call, you will know by the end of your call whether you have a realistic chance of being granted a sponsor licence. And I can tell you this: 100% (At the time of writing this eBook) of the sponsor licence applications I've dealt with ended with a successful result for the business.

What will the sponsor licence eBook do for you?

The great thing about our sponsor licence eBook is:


You WILL know if the sponsor licence route is the

solution for your business.


You'll have the answers to your questions.


Your chances of a successful application will increase multi-fold.


You're potentially protecting your business from making

application mistakes.


It's an immediate way of knowing if you're eligible for a sponsor licence.

What Should You Do Now?

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If you're a business owner struggling to understand the sponsor licence system, don't let this one go. Our eBook could be that prompt you need to process your application and continue to grow your business.

Waleed Hassan and WH Solicitors can help you to achieve that goal.

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